Got my LaLa #1 2014 today. Cuuuuute.

Got my LaLa #1 2014 today. Cuuuuute.



Olá, eu gostaria de saber se vocês poderiam traduzir o mangá: Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Eu vi que você já reblogou umas portagens dele. Até agora eu não achei nenhuma fansub que está traduzindo ele, a que tem está super atrasada comparada aos grigos. Eu gostaria de saber se vocês já pensaram em traduzir Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Porque eu admiro muito a rapidez que vocês traduzem os mangás, e a qualidade. Eu acompanho vários projetos da fansub. Obrigado!

Eu leio e ia pegar o projeto para fazer no Dimichan em parceria com o atual scanlator que o está fazendo (você sabe qual). Minha tradutora chegou a traduzir uns capítulos (até comecei do japonês também para adiantar) mas antes eles precisavam alcançar os gringos para iniciarmos a parceria. Eles enrolaram uns 2 ou 3 meses para lançar um capítulo se quer, então desistimos da parceria. :(

"I thought it must have been fate, but now, I can’t see anything… I can’t see a shooting star anymore”

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Hi there (: I'm one of your ichiruki followers, but I also ship Zeki. I wanted to say that I love your analysis, of both of your otps (yume&ichiruki) I don't mind yume as a ship, or Kaname as a character but I've never been comfortable with their relationship together though I do acknowledge their love for one another. I don't really get involved with shipwars but you're the only VK blog I follow with strong opinions, idk bout others and I don't mean you but I feel certain yume shippers (contin)


Acknowledge that Zeki became a ship, but only as a compromise and that Kaname could do anything that Zero could do for Yuki, but I feel the beauty of having the love triangle showed that no matter how strong the Yume love was, only Zero could make Yuki feel certain things, and vice versa, like their relationships were so different from one another, one was lusty, self sacrificing and etc, the other was like the childhood friend you fall for. Sorry I don’t have enough space to explain what I mean

Since you sent two because you didn’t have enough space (next time, send as many as it takes to get your point across—although I thought you explained yourself very well, given the limits. *nods*) I copied and pasted the other one here

I really appreciate you not letting our difference of opinions, keep you from unfollowing me.  It’s really hard to find that these days. Some people demand that you unfollow them, if you don’t believe in everything they do. (I don’t unfollow their asses, just because they said that—I’ll follow you forever—unless you post Amata and Mikono continuously they ruined a FRANCHISE for me) So thanks for that…

I don’t mean you but I feel certain yume shippers (contin) Acknowledge that Zeki became a ship, but only as a compromise

You can say, I do it too—I do say that ( well—sorta). You just seem to like me in spite of it. You just don’t agree with everything I say. Nothing wrong with that…  Come to mama…image

As for your beliefs about Zeki, believe me I’m not knocking you for them.  I am not trying to take anything away from you when I say—that is your perception.   Mine is very different..Yume also has the “childhood friend you fall for, in their dynamic as well.

That’s why it’s such a wonderful ship. It has everything you’d ever want. Childhood Friends to Lovers,Tragic Love, Fated Love, Timeless love, Endless Love, Time Travel, Connected by Past and Future love. Salvation—Redemption… Hino just gives  everything a fangirl could want


 I believe: She loved Zero, but what he made her feel, didn’t compare to what Kaname made her feel.

People (not you)  want me to say "She loved them both equally"  or "her love for Zero was just different, and not necessarily unequal" for posterity’s sake, when I do not believe that, that’s true. In the end, Zeki becomes canon, but the winner of the “Love Triangle” was Kaname.   The tragedy is, that Yuuki and Kaname, although having a great love, don’t get to be together, despite loving each other.  They are the “Jack and Rose” of Titanic.

Yuuki chose him in the end. She chose him, he died. —he threw his heart in the furnace in spite of it. She had no choice in the end. From the beginning to the end of this manga, she chose Kaname over Zero. The bonus chapter gives closure to Yume, has a Yume ending, but also lets you have a glimpse of how Zeki came about.

From my perspective, the things that Zero made her feel, were brotherly /motherly love, that later becomes companionship until they die in the end. 

Yes. Yuuki did love Zero. But she always maintained that the protective instincts that he aroused, were the kinds that one has for their younger brother.

The feeling that Zero gives to people—It is just like a younger brother, you can’t help worrying about.” ~ Cross Yuuki

Zero and I are just like siblings. Childhood friends….So being a lookout is part of the job” ~ Cross Yuuki

She cared about Zero’s pain, but she always wanted to ease Kaname’s suffering the most.

Throughout the manga it’s always been Zero loving Yuuki, while Yuuki was in love with Kaname. A man who loved her equally, if not more than she loved him, if that’s even possible. She crushed on Kaname. She was in love with him when she thought he was her brother. She loved him, during the ten years she had amnesia and thought that he was just her childhood friend, her sempai.When she got her memories back, it just flowed into the feelings that she already had  or Kaname. She loved him. .

She lusted after Kaname. She chased after Kaname. She declared she loved him over and over, until the very end of the manga. She is shown desiring no other man’s blood but his. No matter what he made her feel, she would gladly accept it, if it meant that she could stay with him. She always understood, that she was the reason, Kaname did everything he does. No matter how evil it seemed to some. That he wasn’t truly evil, and none of his actions brought him any happiness. It must be done, but he was truly a gentile, and loving soul. That he was self-sacrificing and she never stopped loving him.  She’s never condemned him, it didn’t make her miserable. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows,because of the circumstances around them. But they had each other so she didn’t care.

… There seems to be a big misconception that love makes you “happy”…that “”happiness” comes from feeling only good things. Love makes you feel a myriad of things, and not all of it’s good. It can be the best and worst thing to ever happen to you. . That’s why it’s often refereed to, as “sweet misery”.

Her angst  when she was with Kaname, was because, she felt she hastened Zero’s spiral into a level E, by giving him her blood. Then she promised to stay with him, but left him to be with Kaname, because she was in love with him.  She so much as said so, on more than one occasion

I always felt that Zero loved Yuuki more than she loved him.(when he could get past his hatred enough to remember that he loved her)  Because Yuuki was in love with Kaname, and the only way she’d ever really “see” Zero, is if there was no Kaname.  That her love for Kaname was FIRST in all things.  Which is something, I believe that the mangka has clearly affirmed.  That this extra chapters is for no other reason to enforce this belief

The bonus chapter, is mostly about Yume, with a splash of Zeki. It’s titled “Yuuki’s Fantasy” and her fantasy is about Kaname.

In it we see Yuuki grieving, standing next to Kaname’s ice coffin for two months, and contemplating just getting in there with him—-wait..I cannot maintain…


Okay…I’ve regained composure..Now where was I?


Oh yeah…

In this chapter—the bonus chapter.  We see Yuuki mourning Kaname, standing next to his coffin, and contemplating joining him. Zero is her voice—he is the one who speaks of her grief.  We see Yuuki bite Zero out of starvation, the same as before. She’s hungry, Kaname the one who can satisfy her is not around…but because she’s hungry. She tries to bite Yori and then because she has no other choice—she has to bite Zero. This time it’s because she’s pregnant with Kaname’s baby, so she’s doubly thirsty.

Then after some time, we see Yori  who is now an old woman, and some 60-70 years have passed…saying she knows that Zero and Yuuki bite each other and she hopes to see them together before she’s dead. Then Zero says that it’s because they have mutual benefits.  Again, there is no romantic love being eluded to here, when it comes to biting.. Not out of love and desire, that goes both ways because it’s mutually beneficial.  

Kaname’s friends are gathered around, his ice coffin, talking to him, and about him. Talking about Yuuki and her baby, and Yuuki comes in with the baby. She’s now beaming and full of love and happiness and full of life.  Full of life, when she wanted to die with Kaname. Full of life, when she’s planning to die for Kaname. Still she’s happy, and she is because of their child. She’s so happy that, Kaname..in his eternal slumber, is touched and he smiles. We see Zero smiling, acknowledging the proof of their great love…

Yori dies and Zero is Yuuki’s support, as she has to say goodbye to yet another person she loves. He tells Yuuki, that he knows that she intends to die and give her heart to Kaname, so he can live as human and be free from his curse, of eternal life….but he thinks that you should treasure the time that you do have. That knowing that she loves him, that he is also “ONE” of the people  that she loves. It is enough for him. It is enough for him that she loves him, he doesn’t have to be her great love, he just wants to be with her…and she smiles and accepts him. Then later, she’s shown sleeping on his llap, covering her face…filled with emotion, as she told him that she dreamed of Kaname with their child, and she wished that it was real. Zero’s beautiful bittersweet smile, because shes’ there with him, even though she still dreams of Kaname and the chapter ends…

So I see it differently. I see Kaname being her one true love, and her great love and Zero being the guy who is there at the end. In my eyes, and again i am not trying to be mean here. This is how I see it. If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.

Kaname had visions of Yuuki, they were connected by past and present. Nothing, could sever their bond, not even death. Yuuki truly gave him her heart. She loved him then she literally gave him her heart, they weren’t together, but he died (after he killed a lot of BAD people) so she can live in a world, free of the threat from vampires and she dies, so she can free him of his curse, and give him humanity. They are each others salvation.  Kaname is free to live, love and die…then join her in the hereafter  (oh yes, a lot of people are forgetting that Yuuki could have died, not to “join Zero” but “wait for Kaname” in the afterlife)

Their child, this chapter and well the entire manga is proof of their love.  That is why there is no Zeki baby in it, and we only see it from Zero’s perspective.   That Yuuki could only see Zero as a man, if Kaname wasn’t around, and she gets with him, because she does love him, and so she spends the time they have left before they die with Zero…but she’s never shown, loving him as deeply as she was shown loving Kaname. She never says I love you, directly to Zero. She’s never shown loving him, or biting him because she’s head over heels in love with him, and she wants to be with him. She’s with him, but it seems more like loving companionship, than actual romance on her part. It could have happened, but we never saw it, so I don’t know. So I can’t say that  in the end, I saw Zeki just as viable as Yume, it was just different. No. It pales in comparison, and at no time from begining to end, does it ever looks equal, or greater than Yume.

Hino made it clear to everyone— that although everybody wins in the end. That although, Yume always was, and remained canon, and Zeki became canon in the end.  That Zero was and always is, a second choice and the great love story of VK was Kaname and Yuuki’s. That Zeki, ship is one that is great, because you can “imagine” that it ended differently, than it actually did. Whereas Yume fans, know how it plays out  and we know that our ship loved, loved deeply, and it was THE SHIP of VK, they just don’t end up together  fate had other plans. 

We know that, Kaname had his own dark path, and Yuuki and Zero start out on a road together, but somewhere along the way, Yuuki’s and Kaname’s path cross, and they love so deeply, that no other love compares but they are not meant to finish their journey together…and so Yuuki loves him, but is separated from him, because their paths aren’t joined, they only intersect throughout time…so she’s back on her path with Zero and her children for a time, until she reaches her destination, where Kaname waiting for her and then she gives her heart to him, so that he can finally make it out of the woods into the sunlight.

That’s how I see it. I don’t see Zero making her feel a tenth of what she felt for Kaname. For me, her love for Zero, isn’t comparable, and it never will be, because it seems like Hino did everything to convince that it wasn’t. But if that’s what it was for you, you’re welcome to believe that and I am not trying to take that away from you—I just can’t agree it’s like that, because it’s not how I see it.

I don’t know what you were expecting, but somehow I think this wasn’t it :p. My feelings carried me away…

I’m sorry for the length… I got caught upimage

 and I need to wrap this up and somewhere I rambled but I had to write this, and I need to take two of my boys to the barbershop and take my grandma to the health food store…and  I haven’t even had my morning coffee, because I was writing this too, while trying to make breakfast ,and other things..and now…I’m about to get beastly. I need my coffee,. So now it’s off to drag myself to Dunkin Donuts, so I can get my coffee and tackle my day…image

So until we meet again…



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